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Website Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an essential process vital to a website's success. Constant changes are not required, but periodic additions and revisions are highly advisable. Here are the 3 main elements in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Determine the most important keywords for your business.
  • Develop a website strategy including optimizing current pages or creating new pages for higher ranking.
  • Develop backlinks to your website from high-value websites or the public at large.

Search Engine Otimization is an on-going process and a solid foundation is essential for a website's sucess. Many factors influence a page's rank including the domain name, browser title, page title, meta description,  and inbound links. At Speedy Solutions, we have studied Search Engine Optimization for several years and have optimized our own website Content Management System with SEO in mind. We use 3rd party applications to determine the most significant keywords for your website and your rankings compared to your competition. We study your competition and develop a keyword strategy for your website using short and long-tail keywords. We  find high ranking websites to link to your website through submissions, link swaps or paid links to enhance your website's search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization takes many hours changing and adding content, but without knowing the most important keywords, it can be wasted time and money. We begin the SEO process by studying your market, conducting manual searches, and using 3rd party tools to find the most valueble keywords. Next, we generate a report showing your website's ranking and your competition's ranking. We then can use this data to optimize your website and follow your website's progress over time by running our reports again.

SpeedySolutions, Inc. can provide your current website with SEO optimization or build you a brand new website already SEO ready. Please contact us for for information.


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