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Speedy CMS Overview

Speedy Solutions, Inc. creates dynamic website solutions for small businesses. Our websites are created using our Content Management System, Speedy CMS. SpeedyCMS enables the owner the ability  to create and edit website content using an HTML editor. The CMS contains many other tools designed to make content creation rapid and effective.  Each website page has been structured in a way to optimize search engine rankings and promote website conversions. Please see our website portfolio page to see websites using our Speedy CMS content management system. For small business websites we offer two different packages, SpeedyCMS Small Business and SpeedyCMS Unlimited. SpeedyCMS Small business is for clients who don't need a lot of pages, but don't want to compromise on quality. SpeedyCMS Unlimited is for established businesses looking to increase their online sales and internet presence with captivating designs and compelling content. If you are not sure which package is right for you, please give us a call or email us.

CMS Key Features

  • Multi-User Secure Backend to manage your website
  • User-editable content using javascript editor
  • Dynamic menu creation for easy updating
  • Custom website theme reflecting your business image
  • Side menu teaser program to create compelling ads on the side menus
  • Customizable Browser titles including Prefix, Category, and Postfix
  • Meta Description and keywords control on backend page
  • Page tags for clickbale indices of similar pages
  • Per-page hero shots with crop and resize built into the tool
  • Extra Modules available to enahnce your website.


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